Fragranced Relaxing body oil, rich in functional actives, Hypericum, Arnica, Melissa, Petit Grain, Mandarin and Alpine Herbs,
particularly suitable for hydrating the body or in a relaxing and soothing massage.
Hobepergh fragrant, moisturizing, relaxing oil is rich in accords of herbs, arnica and lemon balm that blend with relaxing, fresh and
sparkling tones of the Petit Grain Mandarin and Almond, a Green fragrance that gives us an extraordinary olfactory richness. It is
particularly suitable for promoting relaxation and reducing stress.
Suitable for all skin types and vegans

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Herbs and Hay HöbePergh A mixture of wild mountain herbs, rich in active ingredients with a detoxifying, regenerating, purifying,
moisturizing, decongestant and draining action.

Grapeseed oil Rich in polyphenols, Vitamin E, Omega 6, linoleic acid, and with
antioxidant action, it is ideal against premature aging and against the appearance of free radicals. Applied on the skin, it also has astringent, firming, and stimulating properties on the capillary microcirculation. It also performs a moisturizing, smoothing, elasticizing action.

Sweet Almond Oil Rich in vitamins E, A and D, linoleic and oleic acid, it has antioxidant, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing properties. It acts with a protective, softening, emollient and nourishing action, fighting skin aging.

St. John’s wort Thanks to its properties it is a valuable aid to combat depression, anxiety, melancholy and insomnia, dry skin, and wrinkled skin.

Melissa For its sedative and soothing properties, it has a benevolent effect on anxiety and insomnia, promotes digestion, and has a refreshing effect on the skin.

Petit Grain oil is extracted from the twigs of the bitter orange leaves, has a relaxing effect, promotes sleep, and is useful in periods of fatigue and stress.

Arnica Medicinal herb, with strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous,
analgesic, antirheumatic, and immunostimulant properties.

Mandarin It has relaxing, antiseptic, digestive properties and promotes
drainage of the lymphatic system.

apply a few drops directly on the body and perform a light massage, to facilitate absorption, lightly moisten your hands before
applying. It can also be used directly on the bathtub.

FREE: Dyes, Mineral oils, Parabens and Isothiazolinones, Silicones, SLES / SLS, PEG.

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100 ml