A precious compound based on organic citrus water and precious oils of mint leaves, Hyaluronic Acid with high and low molecular
weight, DauVes CROP®-G a patented extract of Wild Daucus Carota. A Mist with a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power,
particularly indicated for reducing redness and irritation of sensitive skin exposed to pollutants and stress from UV and Blue Lights;
Suitable for all skin types, it can be used as many times as desired, as hydration, as a substitute for cream, tonic or as a make-up fixer.



DauVes CROP®-G is a patented highly concentrated phytocomplex extract of meristematic cells of wild Red-Purple Daucus carota sativa finely dispersed and powered in glycerin in a standardized concentration.
Thanks to the expert hands of our researchers, we have rediscovered the original characteristics of wild carrot, which has an intense
red colour and not orange, due to an agronomic selection throughout the years.

DauVes CROP®-G is standardized in stable anthocyanins at the light and the temperature, potent antioxidants which can promptly
neutralize the effects of free radicals thus protecting skin from cell damage.
Powerful actives: anthocyanins, detected by UPLC method in a standardized concentration.
Fights photo-aging thanks to double level activities; antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, preserves cell viability; protects skin against UV
stress working as a powerful anti-scavenger; improves general blood microcirculation; the active can be used as functional make-up.

Hyaluronic Acid with high and low molecular weight: its main property is to bind water thus restoring moisture, both capillary
and skin, this oligomer also, thanks to its keratin structure, is able to quickly penetrate the epidermal horny state and contributes to
the maintenance of epidermal hydration both internally and externally by retaining moisture in the connective cell matrix and thus
increasing the biomechanical properties of the skin. The result is therefore, in the medium to long term, an increase in the elasticity
and tonicity of the skin and an attenuation of the micro relief, thus going to smooth out wrinkles, with a filling and plumping effect.

FREE: Dyes, Mineral oils, Parabens and Isothiazolinones, Silicones, SLES / SLS, PEG

How to use: Hold approximately 15 centimeter away from face and lightly mist, keeping eyes closed.

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100 ml