The body treatment with the brush is a real massage where the relaxing, draining and regenerating benefit is obtained by stimulating the body’s natural exchange mechanisms, thanks to the particular length of the pure tampico bristles of the HöbePergh Body Brush, which transforms the simple friction in a precise stimulus that obtains an active response and a circulatory and thermal balance.

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BENEFITS: Relax and relieve tension; purifies and tones the skin; renews the skin layer; stimulates blood circulation; helps the lymphatic system to remove waste; frees the tissues from excess interstitial fluid; it favors the improvement of the microcirculation bringing a better oxygenation and nourishment to the connective tissue.

How to use: Brushing can be performed dry locally or all over the body, during a hot bath or shower. With slow but continuous movements, the bristles must not sting, but the brush must be kept tilted so as to caress the skin.

* Contraindications: it is not appropriate to use in the presence of skin lesions, major varices, eruptions and severe dermatitis.