Why Hobepergh?

The Asiago Plateau, with millennia of history, offers us a blend of pure natural elements, a unique environment in the world, a thousand officinal alpine plants grown in extreme, wild climatic conditions and with above-average active ingredients.

It is on this land that HöbePergh was born, much more than a brand: it is an exhortation to like oneself that starts with the body and ends with the spirit.

HöbePergh, with over 24 years of research, reinvents the concept of natural to give life to effective and certified beauty solutions, with unique and innovative patents never before used in the cosmetic field. It develops specific solutions that are the result of continuous research, experimentation and phytotherapeutic innovation.

Sustainable and innovative
natural cosmetics

In recent years, environmental sensitivity and sustainability values ​​have been at the center of a new way of producing cosmetics, increasingly favoring low environmental impact productions and the use of natural ingredients in its formulations.

This innovative concept of cosmetics was born as a response to the needs of consumers who are increasingly aware and attentive to the quality and value of what they buy, including the sustainability of the product.

We can finally talk about sustainable efficacy, the active ingredient developed with the most modern biotechnologies in fact guarantees a constant quantity of active molecules in total respect for the environment.

Proudly italian innovation

Natural ingredients, studied and clinically tested, a new combination of cosmetics that starts from the millennial history of our Asiago plateau and reaches the deepest research and innovation. A link between Research and the Force of Nature with a unique concept of sustainability and effectiveness; sincere and territorial cosmetics with a long-term vision for a sustainable future of our land.

Natural and 100% authentic

We use essential oils, herbs and hays and pure, unmodified glyceric extracts: our products are authentic in formulation and in their promises; there are no silicones, alcohol, heavy metals, dyes and other useless substances that can damage the skin and cause allergenic reactions.

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