Exfoliation, a term widely used in the aesthetic field, a technique with multiple benefits that removes dead cells and performs a deep cleansing of the skin of the face and body.

This term was generally used in the geological field to indicate the fractures that formed on the surface of the rocks: only recently has it been adopted in the cosmetic field to indicate the removal of dead cells.


Our skin is like the litmus paper of our body: bad habits, stress and smog can damage your health, making it dull and not vital. On it accumulate dead cells and dust deriving from atmospheric agents that limit the oxygenation of epidermal cells, thus forming an opaque patina.

Washing your face is not enough: a correct routine skincare should always include the practice of exfoliation to help remove all these residues, oxygenate the tissues and increase dermal circulation.

Exfoliation is similar to physical exercise: its use must be adjusted according to the needs of our body, varying its frequency according to the type of skin and the time of year.

When: from one to three times a week.

How: small and light circular massages in all areas of the body to eliminate dead cells. Then proceed with rinsing with warm water to remove any residue.

Exfoliation, especially in the hottest and most humid periods, helps epidermal turnover, keeping the skin fresh and radiant and favoring a better absorption of the daily moisturizing product.


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