WATER. A vital element to which, very often, we give little importance but which is the best ally for our health and beauty. Because of frenzy and bad habits we often tend to focus only on the external care of our body when in reality it is from inside that we must start with our beauty routine.

The skin is the thinnest organ of our body and also the most prone to attacks by external agents such as smog, temperature changes and atmospheric phenomena that cause irritation and redness. Smog and dust, in particular, are deposited on the skin making it more opaque, modifying its natural tonality, decreasing its regeneration.


Water and nutrition have a positive impact on the health of our skin: improving our daily habits means receiving greater benefits, inside and out.

In fact, the water we drink passes through the skin layers such as the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis to spread to the outer layers of the epidermis which is made up of 50% water.

Hydrating the skin correctly is a good habit that reflects directly on the health and state of our vital organ, making it not only more beautiful but also healthier and more functional.


  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and also use fruit and vegetable infusions and extracts. Both in summer and in winter the skin is continuously subjected to thermal stresses that make it weaker. The constant intake of water promotes cell turnover and the consequent improvement in the state of the skin.
  2. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables: the constant supply of vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables, even in the form of extracts, improves the color of the skin, keeping it luminous and healthier.
  3. Follow the right beauty routine. It only takes a few minutes a day to improve one’s skin and the secret lies in constancy. Prefer natural products, paraben free and with botanical extracts. Cleansers, scrubs, serums and creams promote cell renewal and nourish the skin deeply, day after day.

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