An idea, for those who are looking for class and quality interpreted in a different and unique brand, to express gratitude through the gift of exclusive treatments. Ideal Gift Sets for loved ones and friends, as well as for your own staff and customers. An invitation to Beauty, to love and take care of yourself.


Hydrating Anti-Age Face Serum. Moisturizing and anti-aging face serum. 30ml

Nourishing Hand Cream. Intensive hand cream that deeply nourishes and protects the skin. 30 ml

Face and Hand Soap. Cleansing soap for hands and face, suitable for all skin types. 50ml

Moisturizing Daily Body Lotion. Moisturizing body lotion, suitable for all skin types. 50ml

Moisturizing Body Wash. Promotes a soothing and restructuring action. 50ml

Balancing Shampoo. Shampoo specially formulated to regulate excessive sebum production. Rebalancing for daily use and soothing. 50ml

Soothing Body Wash. Nourishing shower gel that deeply hydrates and nourishes. 50 ml

Daily Moisturizing Shampoo. Moisturizing shampoo for daily use. 50ml

Restorative Advance Body Cream. Beneficial cream for the body, aromatic with alpine essences. 50ml

Restructuring Hair Mask. The ideal treatment for fragile and dry hair that deeply nourishes and gives brightness and silkiness to the hair. 50ml

Invigorating Body Wash. Stimulating and invigorating shower gel, 50 ml

Intimate Care Soap Lenitive. Intimate Cleanser with Tea Tree oil and Chamomile. 50 ml

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