Sprouted brown rice powder that helps to compact and smooth the skin, making it more uniform and radiant.
Sprouted Brown RiceTM is perfectly compatible with all skin types, especially very sensitive ones:
Its enzymatic action removes dead cells and facilitates the penetration of active ingredients.
•Reduces inflammation of the skin caused by external factors (air pollution, UV radiation).
•It has anti-wrinkle and firming activity.
•It leaves the skin incredibly soft and radiant.

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Skin type

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Assets and actions
Sprouted Brown RiceTM a patented active ingredient that uses the extraordinary beneficial properties of brown rice sprout, improves the appearance of the skin thanks to its regenerating, soothing and repairing action. It also works as an anti-aging by stimulating the production of collagen. γ-aminobutirric Acid (GABA): a muscle relaxant, the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the SNC, used as a substitute for botox for its natural Anti-Age action •Vitamin E: prevents oxidation of the skin •Lysine: helps to produce collagen •Niacin: slows down the aging of cells •Folic acid: counteracts the reduction of collagen. The regenerating action of Sprouted Brown RiceTM acts as anti-age all face, improving imperfections.
Need and method of use
Gently exfoliate the skin giving brightness and smoothness.
How to use
Utilizzare mezza o una bustina intera a seconda della zona da trattare. Versare direttamente sul palmo della mano e con un po’ d’acqua creare un’emulsione. Applicare sul viso con movimenti circolari, lasciando in posa per almeno 10-15 minuti, poi risciacquare accuratamente con acqua. Utilizzabile quotidianamente, consigliato 3 volte alla settimana. Dopo l’applicazione l’ideale è utilizzare l’Acqua Viso Riequilibrante o Idratante a seconda delle esigenze.
Germinated Oryza Sativa (Rice) Grain, Maltodextrin
Suitable for skins:
Anti - Age
Dry Skin
Mixed Skin
Oily Skin
Sensitive Skin
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