Winter is the best time to take care of your body and pamper yourself with the most suitable treatments for the cold season. Whether you want to give yourself a weekend of skiing and rest, whether you prefer relax in a mountain spa to recover the well-being and recharge your energy, the hay bath HöbePergh is the ideal relaxing treatment.
Hay bath have their roots in the peasant tradition: after the labors of the day, the workers used to rest lying directly on the beds of freshly mowed grass. Today, habits have changed. However, hay retains the same incredible relaxing properties and offers the opportunity to dive deeply into a warm humid climate (about 40-70 degrees), which stimulates sweating and brings relief and well-being to the body.

The HöbePergh technique and treatments

The preparation of the HöbePergh Alpine Herbs follows a scrupulous procedure, the first step of which is the meticulous choice of the best mountain herbs with unique medicinal properties. After being mowed, the herbs are analyzed and selected, then collected in soft cushions to be applied hot directly on the body, for about 30 minutes. The phase immediately following the application consists of a moment of recovery, combined with a detoxifying or relaxing massage with warm oils HöbePergh Alpine herbs and Camelina.

Alpine Herbs: a careful selection with highly beneficial properties

The herbs chosen for HöbePergh phytotherapeutic treatments grow spontaneously at high altitude and affect rare varieties with miraculous properties. The main herbs that facilitate treatment are arnica, chamomile, calendula and other millefoglie, which penetrate easily into the skin, allowing an effective and deep action. But the real secret of the HöbePergh Alpine Herbs bath is coumarin. It is a substance released from hay that has highly healing effects on the body. A real cure-all.

The undisputed benefits

HöbePergh phytotherapeutic treatments have immediate and undisputed benefits. The beneficial effects of heat are numerous and particularly effective in presence of rheumatic diseases, muscle tension, herniated discs and neuralgia.

The intense heat of the hay applied to the skin also causes a high sweating and a hydrohaline exchange such that is stimulated both the skin tone and peripheral circulation: a purifying action of high effectiveness that makes the skin smooth and naturally more beautiful.

Alpine Herbal Baths are also an excellent remedy to combat a persistent and congenital cold, as well as a natural method of proven effectiveness to strengthen a weak immune system.


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