Custom Production

Customization of cosmetic lines, Ameneties for hotels and home fragrances.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the same research, quality and innovation that we use in formulating our products.

Customization is born with the search for specific elements, materials and ingredients necessary for the creation of something unique. The realization is carried out with care, keeping in mind the needs of the customer.

The possibility of making something our own, shaping it according to personal tastes, makes us exclusive!

HobePergh offers its experience in natural cosmetics, personal care and home fragrances.

Customized productions, is the service of creating a cosmetic artfully, on specific indications. The intent is to enhance our knowledge for green, sustainable and at the same time functional cosmetics to achieve the promised results.

It is the pure search for a non-standard product. Precious creations that require time and dedication to deliver to the customer more than is desired.

Today’s technological progress allows us to act on details and on unconventional formulations even on limited batches.

Exclusive paths where the excellence of plant alchemy meets enchanted spaces, leading to the birth of a new life experience, unique, fragrant and sensorial.


Via Trento Trieste, 30


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