HöbePergh is much more than a brand: it is the search for psycho-physical well-being through specific products that, using the principles of herbal medicine, find their field of application through unique and tested treatments.
Casa HöbePergh was created to enhance the characteristics of all HöbePergh products, providing and training wellness specialists able to solve problems related to skin blemishes. The very pure raw materials used, combined with their extraordinary capabilities, thus guarantee each customer the maximum result.

Body Treatments

Precious and enveloping personalized treatments to solve some problems or to keep the body healthy and fit. Effective solutions that use only ingredients from nature and give the body a new look.

All HöbePergh body treatments are based on the ingredients used: each problem corresponds to a solution and the answer lies in the nature and richness of its flowers and herbs.

Facial Treatments

The skin changes with the changing of the seasons, with the passage of time and changes in moments of high stress or due to unhealthy habits. The skin of the face needs more care and specific attention that meets its real needs.

Using techniques and products based on natural extracts with cutting-edge cosmetic formulas, HöbePergh facial treatments give visible results from the first session and last over time.

They are natural treatments based on the art of beauty care and able to respond to the different and specific needs of each of us: at each session the body is reborn, regains vitality, beauty and awareness.

What is offered by Casa HöbePergh is a journey into well-being that starts from the body to spread throughout the spirit. It is a new approach that helps each of us to rediscover our beauty, naturally and with guaranteed results.


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